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The 3 arms are 85cm,110cm and 135cm. The total diameter is 220cm. Please refer to the drawing as below to know the exact dimension.

Different Painting Effect for Serge Mouille?


  • The lamp is made of aluminium alloy and carbon steel, thus it is light and strong. Only We use expensive aluminium alloy to make the shade of this lamp, exactly as the original versoin, most sellers in the market are using cheap chromed steel or painted steel.The gloss and endurability of aluminium alloy shade is much better than those made in cheap chromed steel or painted steel.  ?

??CE Socket for Serge Mouille Lamp

  • We also use the lamp shade of revised size, which is exactly as the original, while the lamp from other seller may be bigger than the original version.

UL Wire for Serge Mouille Lamp               


  • The painting we use is the 3-layers lacquer wigh high quality painting material, with the good painting material and complicated lacquer process, the painting is not only much more elegant in the color, but also much more glossy and not easy to fade. You can compare with the pictures as below for the two different white shades.

           Picture of Serge Mouille Lamp from Customer    ?Serge Mouille Wall Lamp Dimension

  • All our lamps are with international standard sockets and wire of CE verification for EU or UL verification for US, and with 100% adaptability and safty for your local electricity power system.

Comparison of Serge Mouille Lamp Shade   Serge Mouille Lamp Shade Revised Size

  • Below is a picture sent from a customer, you can see how the feedback is about our products.

High Quality Painting for Serge Mouille

Serge Mouille Style Three Arm Ceiling Lamp Reproduction Lightings

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