Forever Maintenance Policy from PrettyStores.com

Forever Maintenance Policy

If you buy furniture or lightings from us, you will get our service from "Forever Maintenance Policy".

With this policy, no matter how long you use our products, once you have any problems with them, we will offer free accessories, or replacements at lowest factory price, helping you fix the problems, extending the lifespan of the products, saving you big amount to buy a brand new item.

Why do you need Forever Maintenance Policy

We would like to share with you some cases, all of which are 100% authentic and true, so you understand better what benefit you can get from our "Forever Maintenance Policy".

In the 3 cases below, people bought the products from elsewhere, after some years, the products went wrong, but they couldn't find any supports from previous sellers (middlemen always disappear).

They came to us for help, but unfortunately, we could do nothing to fix the products not produced by us.
You can click the pictures to see larger and cleaner image and details.

Case 1

Case 2

Case 3

In the two cases below, one customer missed an accessory for the lamp bought from us when he moved house, the other customer broke the buttons in Barcelona Chair cushions. We offered them all free accessories and they didn't need to buy a new product.

Case 4

Case 5