About PrettyStores

Who we were, who we are

PrettyStores was set up in 2005, 5 years after the successful development of our furniture factory, we set this company in order to outsource different styles of furniture and lightings from other suppliers as per the requests of our customers who always wanted to buy different items in one stop and ship them together.

Gradually, with our supply chain developing, we become more and more professional and capable in sourcing and shipping. In 2010, we set up a shipping company especially for handling the shipments from factories to the door address worldwide.

In 2011, we invested into a lighting factory which was at the edge of bankruptcy and hold 67% shares of it, in which way we gained the strong capacity on quality control and systematic supply. Afterwards in order to expand our product line, we kept this investment model and expanded in furniture, lighting, molding and related industries either fully controlled or partially hold through shares.

In 2014 we set up another professional sourcing and trading company to do sourcing for customers' needs, and let PrettyStores become a B2C online store selling products directly from factories to retail customers.

Distinct from many Chinese sellers offering products which are cheap but always broken very soon, PrettyStores treats Quality in a very serious way, that is exactly why we invest and set up factories, only in this way, we can control the production, thus we can ensure the cost as low as possible while the quality as high as possible.

Not only on the production, we build a whole system with delicate and constantly improved procedures to control the cost and quality. We pay great attention to every detail of the products and the supply chain as well as after-sale service, making you 100% satisfaction is never just a slogan. People buying from us would see, they "know" the products instantly after their payments which they can control from the very beginning such production all the way until arriving in their hands. Moreover, with the strong factory background, we offer “Forever Maintenance Policy” to almost all our products, so no matter how long you use the product, you can always find yourself able to control the usage to be most economic.

If you are interested in our latest products update and news, you are more than welcome to keep an eye on our blog or facebook page in which we will update the news about products and our operating system all the time.

You are also welcome to send us any options, suggestions, criticisms to sales@prettystores.com

Thank you for all your support and attention!