What should you do if there is a shipping delay?

First, Share a case of Blue's experience

What should you do when there is a shipping delay? especially due to some force majeure?

Here we would like to share with you a case of Blue's.

In our 20 years business transactions, this is the extreme case, as it involves nearly all the force majeure: Customs holding, Peak season over-loading, Weather disaster, Customs examination, which caused a serious delay of 5 months.

It is a rare case, and we only have this one happening within recent 20 years, but it can show you something. (click the picture to see larger and cleaner)

We customized an Eames style lounge chair in taller version with walnut veneer and off white italian leather for Blue and dispatched it on 14th of Sept, 2017

But one month after the dispatch, the chair still not arrived, we checked and found out on 11th of October, the parcel was stuck in Chinese customs.

So we finished the customs paper, retrieved the parcel, examined it, and resent it on 20th of November, but because that moment was just one month away from Christmas during which period shipping capacity became extremely tight, and all the shipping carriers had serious over-loading problem, so the parcel was returned, and we needed to change a more expensive shipping method to make it not waiting in queue.

So we changed an expensive shipping method, and resent the parcel, it was 3rd Jan of 2018 already, to express our deep apology and great appreciation for Blue's patience with this order, we sent him a gun table lamp as a gift together within the parcel.

But in January of 2018, USA had Juno storm disaster, which caused all the international flights seriously delayed for nearly 3 weeks.

Finally the parcel arrived USA at end of Jan, but the customs hold it for one week and checked thoroughly as there was a gun-shaped item within the parcel. Our USA company dealt with the customs, retrieved it and dispatched on 7th of Feb.

Blue finally got his parcel on 11th Feb.

What should you do if there is a shipping delay?

So from this case, we just want to tell you, 5 months delay is very rare, within 20 years of our business experiment, this is the only case.

But no matter how long the delay is, we would you to do just two things:
1.Give it time and patience
2.Trust us.
We will finally solve all the problems, and get you the items you expected!

What should you do to avoid shipping delay?

Every year, November and December are the busiest and also most troublesome period for international shipments.
For one reason, this period is full of holidays in both Western world and Eastern world. For another reason, the weather is bad and weather disasters happen frequently.
During this period there are 100% parcels jams and delays,some delays even last for 2 months.

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So if you can arrange your purchase earlier,better before October,which would be much better and you can have your orders arrive with no worries before Christmas.