Quality Inspection System

We have built a Quality Control System with which you can easily have control of your orders from the scratch until arriving safely at your hand.

Once your orders are confirmed, you will get a shipping ID and password and enter the QC system, in which you will get an all-round information including production pictures, videos and updates in every phase.

For example, when your payment is cleared, the order begins to be processed, you will see in the QC system that what kind of material we use to make the items and what the products look like when the first process is finished, what the details of the products are when they are fully finished and out of production line.

And before the shipment, we will put the items through strict examination, and only customers confirm in the QC system we will hand them over to our shipping company and dispatch. If there are any problems, you can request us to revise and make changes in time.

This QC system will make the customers get the items exactly as the expectations.

In this Tracking system, you can also track the shipment, and get the idea when the items will arrive at you.