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How to Track and Receive your order

How to Track your order

After we dispatch your order, we will send you an email with the pictures and shipping sheet of the parcel, and you will get the tracking No. as well as the tracking website with which you can easily track your order easily and get to know the shipping status at any time.

How to Receive your order

Please pay attention to the points below when you receive items

1. You shall arrange a period which you are able to receive the parcels in person, or someone else to take care if you can not show at the designated period when the items arrive.
We will always send emails to customers when the items are about to be shipped, the shipping details, the time probably arrived, the tracking No., and related information. Once you get the shipping information and arriving details, you shall pay attention. There are always some customers who are away, out of town, or go on vacation, but haven't informed us ahead, or leave someone else to receive the items. And if the parcels arrive without people receiving, the local deliveryman will do two things: Return the items to the shipper Or keep it but charge the high storage fee.
So once you get the shipping information of your parcels, please prepare the time and necessary person to receive it.

2. In most situation, we will send the items to your door address, to save you as less troubles as possible. But to door address doesn't mean to your door if you are living in an apartment, or some high buildings without elevators. The driver will unload the items on the ground floor, and you may need to lift them to your door, or pay extra for them to help.

3. When the trucker delivers items to you, first see whether the outside packages are in perfect status or not, if there are damages in the outside carton, please ask the trucker to make notes in the receipt, and ask him to sign.

4. Once you get the items, please open the outside package, and check the items inside within 7 days, and if you find any damages, please take pictures and send to us.

5. Once you get the items which are in need of assembly, please try to install them and check that whether the accessories are all there or anything wrong with the accessories, if there are any accessories missing, please contact us within 2 weeks, we will send you the missing or replacement accessories by air express within 3 days.

6. If you find any problems or have comments about the purchase and shipping, pls do send an email and give us suggestionsor any kind of criticism, we will be appreciated as you are helping us improve.

What should you do if there is damages when receiving the order?

There may be damages during transportation no matter how carefully we have handled it, but you don't need to worry about it, as you will get a perfect product finally. It maybe takes you a little time but you will get compensation from us as a plus comfort and no loss at all.

There are 2 steps that you need to do when you find the parcel arrived is with damages on the outside package.When you get the parcel and find the outside package is broken, you need to do 2 steps:

Step 1: Ask the deliveryman to put a note in the receipt to specify the damage situation, and sign, and then you can take the parcels. You will need to scan the receipt and send to us by email if you find anything wrong inside the package.

Step 2: Unpack and check the items in the first time.If you find anything missing or damaged or getting wrong,take photos for the status, and send to us with full details by email.

After we get your report for the damages, we will claim to the shipping agent, and it will take 1-2 weeks for them to confirm the damages, and probably do some investigation. After that, we will send you the replacement or new items.

What should you do if there is a quality problem?

As a successful business, we will ensure our quality is the best compared to the same items with the same price in market, and offer full return, replacement or refund for any quality problems.
If you think there is something wrong with the items you received, you will need to take photos for the status, and send to us with specific details by email. After we get the email, we will do related investigation and once confirm, we will send you new items for replacement or refund.

What should you do if there is a shipping delay?

We would like to share you a true experience from a customer and tell you what you should do if there is a shipping delay. Click to know.

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