About Shipping fee

Why is shipping fee so high for drop buying?

For one reason, it is because we use a different counting way

Our selling price is counted on the product cost out of factory Plus shipping fee from China to your door address. While for other sellers, they just include the shipping fee into the product cost, offering a free shipping or use a low service cost as shipping fee.

If you use the total amount to compare, you will know our offer is better.

For another reason, it is because we use airfreight for most of drop buying orders

To make it delivered quickly and conveniently, we always use airfreight for most Drop Buying orders, which would cost high. You can click here to see an analysis for the selling price of Barcelona Chair Cushions, then understand why the shipping fee is as much as the product price.

Enroll our "Drop Buying at Wholesale Price" program to get the lowest shipping fee

Click here to know the full details of "Drop Buying at Wholesale Price" program.

Compare Shipping fee from China to your door and from local warehouse to your door

For drop buyings, the price on our website is usually the cost out of factory based on which we add shipping fee from China to your door address.

There are many steps and charges involves during the process, including the transportation from factory to China seaport, Chinese customs fee, the seafreight from China to the destination seaport in your country,the destination customs fees, the destination duties and tax, discharging fees and labor fees, inland trucking fee to your door address, as well as the import reseller commission and etc.

We also have the furniture stock in some country, for example, UK or US, when you place order, we will ship it from the local warehouses to your door address, which shortens the transportation time, but that doesn't reduce any fees during the total process. And actually making stock in US or UK even increases the total amount, because the labor fees in US or UK is super high, which will end up adding into the total amount.